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The past becomes the new future

At SynixSphere, we were once the industry leaders in gaming enhancements. After a year-long hiatus to chart our future, we’re back, ready to launch a marketplace where not only we thrive but also where other visionary vendors can join us. Our legacy of innovation continues as we open our doors to a new era of gaming excellence. Welcome to SynixSphere, where the gaming revolution begins anew.


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What happend to SynixModz?



In 2018, SynixModz embarked on a journey with a clear vision. With determination and innovation, they started from scratch and quickly gained traction in the gaming enhancements industry. Within a span of just a few years, they established themselves as one of the market leaders.


At the end of 2022, SynixModz temporarily closed its doors. It was a time for reflection and strategic planning. The pause allowed them to assess their achievements, learn from their experiences, and set their sights on a bigger goal.


Now, in 2023, SynixModz is back with a renewed spirit. But this time, they are not just SynixModz; they are SynixSphere, a dynamic gaming marketplace where innovation thrives. As they relaunch, SynixSphere is set to revolutionize the gaming industry once again, offering a platform for both gamers and vendors to unite, create, and elevate the gaming experience.

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Welcome Back to SynixSphere – Where Gaming Dreams Unite!

We’re thrilled to welcome back our existing customers and extend a warm greeting to newcomers. After a year of reflection and innovation, we’re excited to announce that SynixModz has transformed into SynixSphere, your go-to gaming marketplace.

What’s New?

Our journey started in 2018, and within just a few years, we became a market leader. We temporarily closed our doors in 2022 to take stock, learn from our experiences, and emerge even stronger. Now, in 2023, we’re back with a renewed spirit.

Introducing SynixSphere:

SynixSphere isn’t just a store; it’s a marketplace where gamers, creators, and visionaries unite. We’re your destination for mods, cheats, tools, and so much more, all under one roof. But that’s not all; this time, we’re inviting innovators to join us. If you have something remarkable to offer, become a vendor on SynixSphere and share your creations with the world.

Whether you’re a gamer looking for the latest enhancements or a vendor eager to showcase your talents, SynixSphere is the place where innovation thrives. Join us in shaping the future of gaming.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Welcome to SynixSphere, where gaming dreams unite and where a new chapter begins. We’re thrilled to have you with us!